Don Rothrock

General Contractor


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3.25 Million

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Don Rothrock

Husband. General Contractor. Architectural Geek. Dog Lover.

My mom and dad always said, “Busy hands are happy hands”. I traveled my entire childhood for my dad’s career with General Electric.  The experience taught me to adapt to new settings and friendships.   Starting in New York, passing through the Carolinas and then High School in New Mexico; the landscape of architecture was endless when I was growing up.

Golf, as a professional, was always a dream since playing in the State Championships in high school.  My golf scholarship was put on hold at Florida State University, when my roommate and I found an old historic warehouse. The 1924 Tallahassee Lumber Yard was located on campus, slated for demolition, but we decided to purchase the building as a place to “hang out” and display art. One year into a full renovation, the “hang out”, turned into an 8,500 square foot nightclub on campus; called “The Louvre”.  I realized what I loved more than anything, was the time I spent with my roommate turning that old warehouse into an amazing structure for people to share.

In 2004, after completing several commercial university projects, another structure was shared with the public. I won Best in Show, at the Parade Of Homes for design & construction in Florida; beating some of the biggest names in the construction industry.  A head hunter, saw my work and found an executive position in Jupiter, Florida.  The projects reached across Palm Beach County from the Bears Club, Old Palm, Sailfish Point, Admirals Cove, Old Marsh and Seminole Club.  One of the owners of the homes, reached out to me after the project was completed.  He personally asked me to work for him as his “in house” builder. Eleven years later, we still have a wonderful working relationship together.  I was very blessed to meet someone who gave me the freedom to use my ideas, building for him and his family, all over the country and around the world. 

My passion for the design of architecture and physical construction is limitless.  I will listen, understand your ideas; then I will execute your dream.

Don Rothrock has worked for me over the past 11 years, building and managing all my personal projects. As my direct General Contractor he has always had my best intentions at mind and will always persevere to make sure projects are completed on time. Don is incredibly talented and well diverse in construction, real estate, architecture and finance. Don is an honest man who listens and understands that it’s more than a home or office, it’s creating a legacy for your client.

Chris Cline