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The West End of London, in the City of Westminster; is the heart of commodities trading in the Mayfair District.  It is the heart for this office project “Mayfair Modern”, located two blocks away from Buckingham Palace.  The unique design build challenge for this client, is the lease hold restrictions for downtown mixed use residential and office spaces.  A kitchen and bath was required at each floor level to keep the residential leasehold covenants.

The Hyde Park Corner or the main stop of Green Park, for the London Tube, is within walking distance for the new office.  Each trader had a custom set of lockers since they travel to the office by the London Tube. Seven clocks were installed at the main boardroom cabinets, resembling the NYSE, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Xetra markets.  The clocks were inserted into glass magnetic writing walls, which allowed traders to write strategies for the day.

A wall in the Boardroom was built with Architectural Stabilized Aluminum Foam, by Alusion.  The design concept was to illustrate the iron, metals, aluminum, oil and coal that is traded on a daily basis.  It was backlit with colored led lights to showcase the “stackers” and “barges” used in shipping raw materials overseas.  The ceiling was designed and constructed with angular lights to demonstrate the shipping lanes across the oceans.

The roof terrace was transformed into a garden style balcony with outdoor seating for the break area, with a direct view of the Big Ben and the London Eye.  The final touch was a full length putting green installed with artificial grass by Grassify. The design build collaboration with Swainlands Construction lead to a great relationship from across the pond.