The Line Street Project




Sq. Ft. Commercial


Sq. Ft. Residential









The “Line Street Project” is nestled in the emerging heart of Charleston, South Carolina; known as the Cannonborough-Elliottborough neighborhood, or the “Old City Historic District”. The new development is geared towards a mixed use of residential condominiums, and commercial street corners. It will become one of the most influential areas for the redevelopment in Charleston.

This project is located on a corner lot, with direct views down Line Street and Saint Philip Street.  The 1st floor is a commercial space showcasing the enclosed piazza porch, then two floors that will be used as residential units.  The rear of the property has covered parking from the new two story residence above.  The challenge with the redevelopment for this area, is the site & approval process with the Board of Zoning Appeals Site Design and also the Technical Review Committee.  When building in the historic City of Charleston, project numbers are assigned, then several meetings for plan approval are required for the development and construction to begin.

My role in this project is to provide pre-construction consulting services for the exterior vernacular design concepts, as well as design suggestions for the use of the site for zoning approval, and cost estimates for the development team. The entire process will involve approval of architectural, structural, utility, drainage and landscape requirements by the City of Charleston.  The scope of this project also involves tearing down two abandoned buildings to revitalize an important corner of this up and coming neighborhood.  Since the property has two different street views from the corner, the unique selling point will be the Charleston piazza open porch architecture at the 2nd & 3rd floors.  I’m honored to work alongside Boneworks Management, advising the design team as we restore this emerging area to captivate Charleston’s history, while inserting a transitional style into Line Street.